Populism in media: the voice of “the people”?

How does the media generate populism? Alexa Vaagt and Hanna Nyzhnyk explore the phenomenon of populism in the print media and television of Ukraine and Germany. Misinformation, polarization, and inappropriate emotionality are all typical strategies of populist media in both countries – part of why this so-called „journalism“ needs to…

Where is the pro-Kremlin propaganda here?

Vitaliy Markiv may be unknown to readers outside of Ukraine or Italy. But within both countries – and especially in Ukraine – the case of Vitaliy Markiv has attracted a lot of attention. Vitaliy Markiv is of Ukrainian and Italian descent, and was convicted of murdering photojournalist Andrea Rochelli during…

Media in Conflict 2.0

The second part of Media in Conflict took place amid lockdowns and travel bans, which posed challenges to international collaboration. Yet, during the past week four German-Ukrainian duos came together to exchange ideas, discuss, and tell stories about press freedom, identity, and diversity in the media. (mehr …)