Newsroom Europe: Three Nations, One Result

The editorial project “Newsroom Europe”, organised by the European Academy Berlin, involves more than twenty young journalists from Germany, Slovenia and Portugal. The aim is to learn about the Trio-Presidency of the EU Council through collaboration and publication. With the project, they also have the opportunity to gain their first…

David vs. Goliath: the censorship of student newspapers

Mobbing, depression, teen pregnancy, cyber addiction – only some of many topics that nowadays teenagers are concerned with. Student newspapers are supposed to thematize issues that affect young student’s daily lives. Hanna Vasylieva and Ole Wahls ask: What happens, if the school simply doesn’t want these topics? (mehr …)

Being queer in Berlin and Kiev

Today’s society knows what LGBTQI+ means, but do we know how societies in other countries deal with it? In Germany and Ukraine, the definitions seem to be very different, starting with the fact that in Ukraine the letters only reach to LGBT. A comment by Anastasia Kuznietsova and Daria Kisieieva…

I am not your honey!

What does being a woman working in media mean today, and how do experiences differ in various countries? Hanna Nyzhnyk and Daryna Sterina look at gender-based discrimination of female journalists in their home countries, Ukraine and Germany. (mehr …)